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Director  |  Producer

Eva Wu is an aspiring cinematographer, director, and producer currently refining her craft in the MFA program at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. With a diverse portfolio of short films, commercials, and music videos, Eva is dedicated to creating compelling visual stories that captivate audiences. Her passion for film and storytelling drives her to create unique and impactful content that resonates with viewers. Get in touch with Eva to learn more about her work and how she can bring your vision to life.

Among her standout short films are "Tea" and "Apple Box". "Tea" has garnered multiple accolades from prestigious international film festivals, securing a Best Cinematography award at the Canadian Cinematography Awards, triumphing at the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, and clinching the award for "Best Dark Comedy" at the Cannes World Film Festival. "Apple Box," on the other hand, earned international recognition by securing the Award of Distinction in the Humanitarian category at the Best Shorts Competition Film Festival. Each piece underlines her continuous growth and commitment to visual storytelling.


With a triple major degree in Global Business, Marketing, and Graphic Design, Eva bolstered her media industry ventures, including a career at the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers' Corporate Partnership Department where she drove a billion-impression social media campaign. Beyond her practical experience, Eva also leveraged her expertise as an instructor of documentary filmmaking at the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design in 2022. Concurrently juggling her behind-the-camera work, Eva contributes to sports journalism, covering the Los Angeles Lakers. Embracing entrepreneurship in 2021, Eva founded her own production company and film equipment rental house.

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